quarta-feira, 22 de dezembro de 2010

MALAGMA 11: Dies iræ!

Will it be your voice, my devilangel,
to chant me la la la
Thru the eternity of the glimpse
of this little time we got in Life?

I’ll only be sure if I risk my joints & shoulders,
(one, two, one more time) I know,
Hoping you’re not just another mere mermaid
Faking the sacred bloody spell
With the cacophony of a silly & blunt
Bubbling bubbling
blah blah blah.

Undress me with thy teeth
la la la
And be ready for the Play
La la la
Cos when it hits the stage
Cos when it hits the stage
I’ll be so keen to you
(I’d go so far)
(if you’re the chosen emissary of the curse of la la la)
our souls will come so tight
face-to-fate, fate-to-face
we shall never need to say goodbye.

Knuckle my fears away, o Muse
With the power of thy bass.

Cos with the groove of thy hips
And the moisture of thy art
(you are so delicate, meanwhile you hip so hard)
We shall prevail thru the ages
Just like a mighty thunder
Lightning in the dark.

Dirge me to thy shady groves, dirge me to thy shady path.

Come on and play with me
Come on enjoy with me
Our common burden
la la la.

Together babe
we will face the abyss
and sing it back
The very curse of love
hidden into the lovely words of
La la la.

If these are the symptoms of the growing feelings
We might share
I can tell you now
That your grace in me
already reaches so far
I assure your beauty is
the most power enchantment I’ve ever been casted.

I dare you Milady to share me thy demons
If you happen to have this same urge
Knocking at your skull.
Those ever singing-dancing prophets
The lovely daemons LA, LA & LA.

Dies iræ! dies elle
Solvet sæclum in favilla
Teste Bacchus cum Sibylla!

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